Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be to never get a filling again? Or maybe just get them less often? Many would argue that’s not possible, and that getting an occasional filling is inevitable.

At Harbor Dental Group, however, we have ways to help you reduce the risks associated with common tooth and gum problems. When you schedule routine checkups with our friendly doctors, we’ll help you reduce the likelihood of tooth decay and gum issues.

Recent studies show that regular dental checkups will help you avoid costly dental problems. These common, but expensive, problems develop or worsen by the lack of basic preventative care.

Our goal is to make sure your smile always stays as bright as the sun, so we’re fiercely committed to preventative care. Our friendly staff will remind you each time you’re due for a routine dental checkup. When your preventative dental care is in our hands, you can relax. Together, we'll set up regular checkup appointments that work with your schedule, your budget, and your overall oral health.

Together, we can prevent common tooth and gum problems with regular dental care.

Dental Examinations ― When our doctors perform a complete general dentistry exam, they can determine your current overall oral health. Then, they can help put you on the path to better oral health and wellness. When we do a complete dental examination, we identify all active conditions that may threaten your oral health.

Dental Cleaning ― When our qualified dental hygienists clean your teeth, they’ll reduce and remove the plaque, tartar, and stains you’ve accumulated since your last professional cleaning. Even with regular brushing and flossing, tartar can still develop. Regular professional dental cleanings are an important part of maintaining overall oral health and wellness.

Dental X-Rays — Dental x-rays help your doctor determine the best way to maintain or restore your oral health. Dental x-rays expose you to less radiation than you'll absorb on a cross-country flight. You'll absorb less radiation from a dental x-ray than the dose of background radiation you absorb on an average day.. They constitute only a very small percentage of the radiation you’re exposed to each year. With an x-ray in hand, your doctor can help you make the best possible oral health care decision. X-rays are sometimes necessary, but they’re quick, painless, and only involve a minor amount of radiation.

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